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The Quantum Dance of Spin-1 and Spin-1/2 Particles

Published on:

10 May 2018

Primary Category:

Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics

Paper Authors:

Luyang Wang,

Dao-Xin Yao


Key Details

Spin-1 and Dirac fermions can coexist on the triangular kagome lattice

An effective 4-band model hosts both types of fermions

Spin-nonconserving Klein tunneling occurs with T=1

Results open possibilities for quantum information applications

Ultracold atom experiments could verify the findings

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The Quantum Dance of Spin-1 and Spin-1/2 Particles

This paper reveals the exotic coexistence and interplay between spin-1 and spin-1/2 particles on a triangular kagome lattice. Though originating from different quantum mechanical backgrounds, these distinct fermionic quasiparticles are shown to harmoniously interact within the same material system. The research unveils new possibilities for exploiting the synergy between different quantum information carriers.

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