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Twisted cuprate superconductors enable protected superconducting qubits

Published on:

1 August 2023

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Valentina Brosco,

Giuseppe Serpico,

Valerii Vinokur,

Nicola Poccia,

Uri Vool


Key Details

Cuprate twisted van der Waals junctions have tunable properties with twist angle

At 45 degrees, double Cooper pair tunneling dominates the junction

This creates protected qubit doublets resilient to charge and quasiparticle noise

The simple design only requires a single junction, unlike other protected qubits

Coherence time improvement of orders of magnitude is predicted

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Twisted cuprate superconductors enable protected superconducting qubits

This paper proposes using twisted layers of cuprate superconductors to create Josephson junctions that can protect superconducting qubits from noise. The twist angle tunes the junction properties, enabling double Cooper pair tunneling to dominate. At 45 degrees, the qubit energy levels become nearly degenerate doublets, exponentially suppressing charge noise relaxation and nodal quasiparticle tunneling. This simple single-junction 'flowermon' qubit, similar to a transmon, is predicted to have much higher coherence without complex fabrication.

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