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SNO+ detector's search for neutrinoless double beta decay

Published on:

28 March 2024

Primary Category:

High Energy Physics - Experiment

Paper Authors:

A. S. Inácio,

W. Parker,

B. Tam


Key Details

Multipurpose neutrino experiment with 0νββ search as main goal

Water and scintillator phases calibrated detector & measured backgrounds

Will add 3900 kg natural tellurium; higher loading later

Predicted sensitivity: 2×10^26 years after 3 years

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SNO+ detector's search for neutrinoless double beta decay

The SNO+ detector in Canada aims to observe an ultra-rare process called neutrinoless double beta decay in tellurium-130 nuclei. It will add tellurium to its liquid scintillator target to enable this search. Key steps are calibrating the detector, quantifying backgrounds, and loading tellurium while preserving scintillator purity.

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