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Unlocking the Secrets of Maximal Cliques in Paley Graphs

Published on:

7 February 2021

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Sergey Goryainov,

Alexander Masley,

Leonid Shalaginov


Key Details

Paley graphs have maximal cliques of size q or q+r(q)

Two constructions yield cliques of size q+r(q)

Linear mappings connect the clique sets

The mappings are bijections and involutions

Results contribute to open problems on Paley graph structure

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Unlocking the Secrets of Maximal Cliques in Paley Graphs

This paper establishes a correspondence between two types of maximal cliques in Paley graphs, which are important in graph theory and have applications in coding theory and cryptography. The authors reinterpret prior constructions and introduce linear mappings that link clique sets of the same size. Their findings reveal deep connections in these graphs and provide insight into their structural properties.

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