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Two-index theories reveal large-N QCD dynamics

Published on:

8 February 2024

Primary Category:

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology

Paper Authors:

Francesco Sannino


Key Details

Two-index theories access complementary large-N QCD properties

Recent precise lattice data allows estimating 1/N^2 terms

Tetraquarks appear at leading order and unitarize meson scattering

Two-index limit better models low-energy dynamics than 't Hooft

Interplay with lattices continues elucidating non-perturbative QCD

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Two-index theories reveal large-N QCD dynamics

This paper reviews how two-index SU(N) gauge theories with fermions, including QCD, super Yang-Mills, and meson scattering theories, provide information about the large-N limit. Comparisons to recent lattice results estimate the size of 1/N^2 corrections. Analysis of meson scattering dynamics honors Weinberg's work on tetraquarks, which naturally appear in two-index theories and help unitarize scattering.

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