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Predicting choices in daily activities

Published on:

21 September 2023

Primary Category:

Artificial Intelligence

Paper Authors:

Zhaoyi Joey Hou,

Li Zhang,

Chris Callison-Burch


Key Details

Choice-75 has 75 goals from daily activities like buying plane tickets

Each goal has 2 options, like flying to a big vs small airport

Over 600 scenarios describe different situations that influence the choice

Scenarios range from easy to very hard multi-step reasoning

Current AI models do decently overall but still struggle on hard cases

AI generated summary

Predicting choices in daily activities

This paper introduces a new dataset called Choice-75 for studying how AI systems can predict human decision-making in everyday activities. It contains 75 goals with over 600 scenarios and choices. The authors find current AI models perform well on easy cases but still struggle with complex, multi-step reasoning.

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