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Frequency engineering in microrings through shifted gratings

Paper Authors:

Xiyuan Lu,

Yi Sun,

Ashish Chanana,

Usman A. Javid,

Marcelo Davanco,

Kartik Srinivasan


Key Details

SGMMS splits multiple modes by shifting a single-period grating, enabling multi-mode frequency engineering

Avoids complex multi-frequency grating modulation for mode splitting

Maintains high optical quality factors with large shifts

Enables optical parametric oscillation across multiple pump wavelengths

Simpler fabrication than apodized or chirped gratings

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Frequency engineering in microrings through shifted gratings

This paper introduces a new technique called shifted grating multiple mode splitting (SGMMS) to control the frequencies of multiple whispering gallery modes in a microring resonator. By shifting a single-period grating imprinted on the inner boundary, rotational asymmetry splits the frequencies of adjacent modes without complex multi-frequency modulation. This enables multi-mode frequency engineering for nonlinear optics like optical parametric oscillation, while maintaining high quality factors and simple fabrication.

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