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Absorbed central engine revealed in Mrk 1239

Published on:

14 May 2024

Primary Category:

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena

Paper Authors:

Margaret Z. Buhariwalla,

L. C. Gallo,

J. Mao,

J. Jiang,

L. K. Pothier-Bogoslowski,

E. Järvelä,

S. Komossa,

D. Grupe


Key Details

Complete absorption below 3 keV on all timescales

Rapid hard X-ray flare from disc reflection

Constant soft emission from large-scale outflow

Photoionized and collisional components

Outflow crashing into ISM

AI generated summary

Absorbed central engine revealed in Mrk 1239

Deep X-ray observations of the NLS1 galaxy Mrk 1239 reveal complete absorption of the AGN continuum below 3 keV by a 10^23.5 cm^-2 neutral medium. Timing analysis shows no variability in soft X-rays, indicating a large-scale origin. A strong flare seen in hard X-rays is consistent with blurred reflection off the accretion disc. Collisionally ionized and photoionized emission may originate from an outflow crashing into surrounding material.

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