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Pentaquark structure of excited Omega-c baryons

Published on:

27 September 2023

Primary Category:

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology

Paper Authors:

Ye Yan,

Xiaohuang Hu,

Hongxia Huang,

Jialun Ping


Key Details

Omega-c(3185) matches as pentaquark state with specific quantum numbers

Omega-c(3327) doesn't match pentaquark picture, needs three-quark model

Predict new pentaquark Omega-c state at 3527 MeV

Channel coupling effects must be considered in multi-quark systems

Some states change drastically when channels coupled

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Pentaquark structure of excited Omega-c baryons

This paper explores the possibility that some newly discovered excited Omega-c baryons could be interpreted as pentaquark states, which are hadrons composed of four quarks and one antiquark. Using a quark model, calculations indicate the Omega-c(3185) matches well as a pentaquark state, while the Omega-c(3327) likely requires a three-quark explanation.

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