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Solid-state gyroscope using hyperfine-enhanced nuclear spin rotation

Published on:

2 January 2024

Primary Category:

Quantum Physics

Paper Authors:

Guoqing Wang,

Minh-Thi Nguyen,

Paola Cappellaro


Key Details

Proposes new gyroscope design using coupled electronic-nuclear spin system

Measures relative spin rotation angle starting from population states

Rotation rate enhanced by hyperfine interaction, boosting sensitivity

Robust against spin dephasing and magnetic noise

Compatible with broad dynamic range of rotation rates

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Solid-state gyroscope using hyperfine-enhanced nuclear spin rotation

This paper proposes a new gyroscope design using a coupled electronic and nuclear spin system in diamond, where the relative rotation between the spins is enhanced by their hyperfine interaction. This allows sensitive measurement of slow rotations by initializing the spins in population states, making it robust to spin dephasing. With optimization, the sensitivity could reach 10^{-3} (mdeg/s)/sqrt(Hz) with a broad dynamic range.

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