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Modeling tumor growth and treatment response

Published on:

28 August 2023

Primary Category:

Medical Physics

Paper Authors:

Guillermo Lorenzo,

Syed Rakin Ahmed,

David A. Hormuth II,

Brenna Vaughn,

Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer,

Luis Solorio,

Thomas E. Yankeelov,

Hector Gomez


Key Details

Mathematical models can capture tumor biology and predict growth and treatment response

Data-driven AI models are powerful but lack interpretability

Quantitative medical imaging provides data to personalize models

Models may enable optimizing and tailoring cancer treatment

Key challenges remain including predicting metastasis and avoiding bias

AI generated summary

Modeling tumor growth and treatment response

This paper reviews approaches for modeling tumor growth and treatment response using mathematical models based on biological mechanisms as well as data-driven models using artificial intelligence. It discusses how these models can be made patient-specific using medical imaging data, and their potential to optimize and personalize cancer treatment. Key challenges are outlined including predicting metastasis, ensuring reliability, incorporating multiscale data, and avoiding bias.

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