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Galaxy color and brightness in groups

Paper Authors:

Haojie Xu,

Zheng Zheng,

Xiaohu Yang,

Qingyang Li


Key Details

A statistical model predicts galaxy color and brightness distributions as a function of surrounding dark matter halo mass.

The model was constructed by fitting the clustering of many galaxy samples from a large survey.

The same group-finding algorithm was applied to the data and model mocks for fair comparison.

Group galaxy distributions from data and mocks agree well, validating the statistical model.

Remaining small differences may indicate areas for model refinement.

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Galaxy color and brightness in groups

This paper compares the distribution of galaxy color and brightness in groups identified in a galaxy survey to predictions from a statistical model of how galaxy properties depend on the mass of their surrounding dark matter halos. The model and group catalog were constructed from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The good agreement found suggests the statistical model captures the underlying relationship between galaxies and their dark matter environments.

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