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Modeling lithium-ion battery lifetime

Published on:

9 November 2023

Primary Category:

Chemical Physics

Paper Authors:

Ruihe Li,

Niall D. Kirkaldy,

Fabian Oehler,

Monica Marinescu,

Gregory J. Offer,

Simon E. J. O'Kane


Key Details

Models lithium-ion battery lifetime through computational simulations

Accounts for multiple interacting degradation mechanisms

Validates models against capacity, resistance, and degradation modes

Shows importance of validating against degradation modes like lithium loss

Recommends greater rigor in model validation

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Modeling lithium-ion battery lifetime

This paper develops computational models to predict the lifetime of lithium-ion batteries. The models account for multiple degradation mechanisms like growth of the solid-electrolyte interphase layer. The models are validated against experimental data on capacity fade and resistance increase. A key finding is that models should be validated against degradation modes like loss of lithium and active material, not just total capacity retention.

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