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Optimizing depot locations and delivery routes

Published on:

14 March 2024

Primary Category:

Artificial Intelligence

Paper Authors:

Pengfei He,

Jin-Kao Hao,

Qinghua Wu


Key Details

Organizes population into subpops based on depot configurations

Specialized crossover generates new depot configs & route edges

Achieved 101 new best solutions on 281 test instances

Matched 84 other best-known solutions

AI generated summary

Optimizing depot locations and delivery routes

This paper presents an algorithm that simultaneously determines the best depot locations to open and finds efficient delivery routes from those depots to customers. It organizes solutions into subpopulations based on depot configurations and uses a specialized crossover technique to generate new promising solutions. Extensive computational experiments showed 101 improved best-known solutions and matched 84 others out of 281 test instances.

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