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Coverage and characteristics of no-fee open access journals

Published on:

2 April 2024

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Digital Libraries

Paper Authors:

Marc-Andre Simard,

Isabel Basson,

Madelaine Hare,

Vincent Lariviere,

Philippe Mongeon


Key Details

OpenAlex indexes 13K+ diamond journals; Scopus <1K, Web of Science 300+

Most diamond journals not indexed in traditional databases, especially in humanities & social sciences

Diamond journals more linguistically & geographically diverse than fee-based journals

Latin America significant publisher; Indonesia for fee-based journals

High-income countries dominate authorship except for diamond humanities & social science journals

AI generated summary

Coverage and characteristics of no-fee open access journals

This paper investigates the extent that open access journals published for free ('diamond' journals) are covered and indexed in major databases. It finds diamond journals serve more local, diverse communities but are largely excluded from databases, focusing mainly on Western English-language journals. Understanding diamond landscape aids inclusive open access policies.

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