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Structured 3D Gaussians for Generative Modeling

Published on:

28 March 2024

Primary Category:

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Paper Authors:

Bowen Zhang,

Yiji Cheng,

Jiaolong Yang,

Chunyu Wang,

Feng Zhao,

Yansong Tang,

Dong Chen,

Baining Guo


Key Details

Proposes GaussianCube, a structured 3D Gaussian representation for generative modeling

Performs densification-constrained fitting to obtain fixed number of Gaussians

Rearranges Gaussians into voxel grid via Optimal Transport

Achieves efficient and high-fidelity 3D reconstruction

Enables high-quality 3D generation with simple 3D U-Net architecture

AI generated summary

Structured 3D Gaussians for Generative Modeling

This paper proposes GaussianCube, a novel 3D representation that structures Gaussian Splatting into a voxel grid using Optimal Transport. This allows high-quality 3D reconstruction and efficient rendering, while making the representation amenable to generative modeling with standard 3D convolutional networks. Experiments show state-of-the-art unconditional and conditional generation on ShapeNet and OmniObject3D datasets.

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