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How linguistic knowledge emerges in language models

Published on:

25 October 2023

Primary Category:

Computation and Language

Paper Authors:

Max Müller-Eberstein,

Rob van der Goot,

Barbara Plank,

Ivan Titov


Key Details

Syntax is acquired rapidly after only 0.5% of training

Later gains stem from open-domain knowledge and contextualization

Semantics and reasoning require more data and training

Related tasks share information, especially during critical learning

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How linguistic knowledge emerges in language models

This paper analyzes how different types of linguistic knowledge emerge and interact during language model pre-training. Using information-theoretic probes, the authors track the development of syntactic, semantic, and reasoning capabilities over 2 million training steps. They find distinct learning phases where knowledge is acquired rapidly, then refined through contextualization and open-domain learning. Syntax emerges early, while semantics and reasoning require more data. Throughout training, related tasks share information, which could inform multi-task learning.

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