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Charm baryon-kaon molecules

Published on:

9 July 2023

Primary Category:

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology

Paper Authors:

Rui Chen,

Qi Huang


Key Details

Predicts possible molecular pentaquarks from Lambda_c-K and Sigma_c-K interactions

Uses one-boson exchange model with coupled channels

Finds several candidates matching quantum numbers of recent observations

Coupled channels play key role in binding some predicted states

Results could help understand new LHCb pentaquarks

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Charm baryon-kaon molecules

This paper predicts several possible molecular pentaquarks composed of a charm baryon (Lambda_c or Sigma_c) bound to a kaon or kaon star meson. Using a one-boson exchange model and considering coupled channels, the analysis finds candidates for loosely bound states with quantum numbers matching recent LHCb observations.

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