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Beam steering for interference avoidance in IRS systems

Published on:

2 January 2024

Primary Category:

Information Theory

Paper Authors:

Wei Jiang,

Hans Dieter Schotten


Key Details

Proposes beam-based multiple access strategy for IRS-aided mmWave/THz systems

Forms independent beams from BS antenna sub-arrays, steering towards each user

Avoids inter-user interference via spatial reuse

Fully utilizes time/frequency resources unlike orthogonal access schemes

Achieves higher capacity than even non-orthogonal access techniques

AI generated summary

Beam steering for interference avoidance in IRS systems

This paper proposes using multiple antenna sub-arrays at the base station to form independent beams towards each user device. This beam steering aims to mitigate inter-user interference and avoid unwanted signal reflections off the intelligent reflecting surface (IRS). The scheme combines benefits of orthogonal multiple access (no interference) and non-orthogonal multiple access (full resource use). Simulations verify substantially improved system capacity.

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