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Hyperfine interactions enable ultracold hydrogen spectroscopy

Published on:

21 December 2023

Primary Category:

Chemical Physics

Paper Authors:

Hubert Jóźwiak,

Timur V. Tscherbul,

Piotr Wcisło


Key Details

Elastic H2-Li collisions exceed inelastic by over 100x below 1.5K

Inelastic collisions conserve H2 nuclear spin projection

Hyperfine interaction drives Li electron spin and H2 nuclear-electron spin exchange

Results suggest possible H2 sympathetic cooling by Li

Enables future ultracold H2 spectroscopy

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Hyperfine interactions enable ultracold hydrogen spectroscopy

This paper explores how hyperfine and Zeeman interactions affect ultracold hydrogen molecule collisions with lithium atoms. It finds elastic collisions dominate, especially below 1.5K, and this enables sympathetic cooling. Inelastic collisions tend to retain hydrogen's nuclear spin orientation. Anisotropic hyperfine interactions mediate lithium electron spin relaxation and nuclear-electron spin exchange. The results suggest hyperfine control can enable ultracold hydrogen trapping for precision spectroscopy.

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